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The Canadian telephone company Blacberry, which pioneered communication and mobile telephony a few years ago, has not died; it has survived thanks to the services of some clients and the creation of software . Blackberry had decided to stop company email list making mobile phones, however, earlier this year it transferred the rights to its trademark to the Chinese company TCL, famous for creating electronic technology. In our country, TCL became company email list known thanks to the Alcatel brand , and outside it, as the manufacturer of the largest television in the world. TCL is responsible for manufacturing, designing and selling the new Blackberry smartphones globally, while the latter is responsible for the software . TCL will have to make some exceptions, such as in company email list Nepal, India and Indonesia, where Blackberry already has patented agreements and licenses with some companies. What is remarkable is that the Chinese company will continue to design smartphones with Android, since Balckberry has long succumbed to this operating system.

Blackberry has already presented two models with the Android 6.0 operating system, the DTEK 50 and the DTEK 60. Both are totally touch , but the company email list remarkable thing is that they have a security filter that analyzes all the material that is downloaded to the cell phone: photos, videos , messages and applications. With this you can know if privacy is at risk and take the necessary measures so that the device has an excellent operation. It's true, Android is company email list much more susceptible than IOs. The Blacberry and TCL jewel is the Priv model , which features a 5.4-inch curved OLED screen, fortified with Gorilla Glass 4 . Like its predecessors, it runs on Android 6.0 and offers the same security.

The 18 megapixel dual flash camera is made with professional reflex camera technology . The attractive and nostalgic thing about the smartphone is company email list its physical keyboard type slider , as it reminds us of the old model Torch 9810. Blacberry 9810 At the moment, this model is only sold in Europe, however, it is likely that companies such as company email list Telcel, which still sell Blackberry devices, will already exhibit it in their Show Rooms for next year . It is possible that Blackberry will achieve the prominence it had a few years ago and once again resume its place as a privileged brand, since the Priv model presents an admirable aesthetic.

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Utwórz nowy wątek Odpowiedz w wątku  [ Posty: 1 ] 

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